WeConnect is an asynchronous course offered through Summit Trails Online High School.  Asynchronous is an excellent solution for motivated, self-directed students, course conflicts, or students who enjoy self-learning.

Asynchronous courses are designed to be self-learning alongside teacher facilitation through video, reading materials, web materials,  and tasks.  The course teacher can answer questions and assist students; however, they do not teach similarly to an in-person class setting (synchronous courses are offered by registering with Summit Trails as a full-time student). Teachers will periodically meet with students personally via Zoom or in person.

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Important Information for Students and Parents

  • The in-person school supports the student.  The student should work with the WeConnect Learning Coordinator for help with course navigation and communication.
  • WeConnect courses have due dates for assignments.
  • All courses have quizzes and supervised tests/exams.
  • The courses are designed for students to learn the material on Moodle and then apply that knowledge.
  • Asynchronous is different from in-person in that the students do not benefit from synchronous teacher facilitation.  Teachers can meet with students through Zoom sessions as needed.
  • Assignments are marked based on the assessment parameters.
  • Students who do not participate in their core subjects within the first 2 weeks of attendance may be removed from the course.
  • Assignments are downloaded into Moodle and marked by the teacher. Teachers give feedback on the marks in Moodle and, at times, PowerSchool. PowerSchool is utilized for mark calculations.
  • Students have the opportunity for reassessment.
  • All courses have an end date, either in the semester or quarter.


Contact Information:

  • Online Scheduling: Schools Guidance Counsellor or Distance Learning Coordinator
  • Teacher emails: located in each Moodle Course


What type of student is best for taking WeConnect Courses?

  • Students who enjoy self-learning experiences.
  • Students who are self-starters and have strong time management skills.
  • Students who are capable of computer-based communication.
  • Students who are comfortable reaching out to teachers through the learning process (self-advocacy).


Where might students find online learning challenging?

  • Sometimes, students go directly to assignments or quizzes because they feel they can guess or should have enough prior knowledge to complete the tasks. Students will find this will affect the overall learning of the course and often fail because the material is designed to be connected and to build upon prior knowledge.
  • Students are often surprised at the workload of the courses.  This is mainly due to the self-learning aspect. The student will spend more energy learning the material independently.
  • Grade 12 courses are designed to assist with diploma writing. The online courses will prepare the student for diplomas; however, many students initially experience a drop in their grades from grade 11. This is not always the case; the 30 level courses are rigorous, and students who do not stay on top of the due dates and reassessments can become overwhelmed, which results in not being able to develop deep learning.
  • Core courses cannot be completed in a compressed time.  Sometimes students will miss many tasks thinking they can compress their time and complete the course.  Rarely do students have success at this.  The design of all the courses is based on scaffolding pedagogy.  The first concept leads to the second concept etc.  If students miss concepts, they miss deep learning, which will reveal itself in other assessments, impacting their understanding and assessment results.
  • Each task evaluates an Alberta Education Program of Studies strand or outcome.  Teachers are not able to remove an outcome evaluation.  If the student chooses not to complete a task, it will go against the student's overall grade.  Online course grades represent the total learning of the entire course, not just learning of what was completed by the student.


Student Responsibilities

  • Attend the WeConnect Block at their school, focusing on their WeConnect courses.
  • Complete assignments by the given due date.
  • Have a working computer (or be provided one by the in-person school)
  • Connect with their teacher via email as needed.
  • Connect with the Distance Learning Coordinator in the room as needed.
  • Interact with students online in a respectable manner as outlined in the RVS Technology Responsibility Agreement.
  • Complete their tasks with integrity.


Assignment Reassessments

  • Depending on the course, students can try tests and assignments through an automated process (the question allows for two tries).  If students would like a reassessment, they can fill out the Reassessment Request Form.


Course Material

  • The course is the "textbook." However, students are not required to have a textbook from the school.
  • We realize there are many ways students can locate knowledge on the internet. Therefore, we design courses to increase students' understanding of the need for learning for life and the importance of growing their critical thinking skills. With that in mind, teachers will use various programs to prove the legitimacy of student work. The teacher and student will discuss the tasks if work is called into question.
  • Exams are usually completed with supervision (depending on the course).

Semester 1

Biology 20 Biology 30 Chemistry 20
Chemistry 30 Sports Medicine 10 English Lang Arts 20-1
English Lang Arts 20-2 English Lang Arts 30-1 Mathematics 20-1
Mathematics 20-2 Mathematics 30-1 - Hybrid Mathematics 30-2 - Hybrid
Mathematics 31 Physical Ed 10 Physics 30
Science 30 Social Studies 10-1 - offered 2024-2025 Social Studies 10-2 - offered 2024-2025
Social Studies 20-1 Social Studies 20-2 Social Studies 30-2
Sport Medicine 10

Quarter 2

Forensic Studies 25 Film and Media Art 25 Psychology-Abnormal 35
Career & Life Management CALM Career Directions Transitions Legal Studies
Experimental Psych 30 General Psychology 20 General Sociology 20
Western World History 30 World Geography 30

Quarter 3

Psychology-Abnormal 35 Applied Sociology 30 Forensic Studies 35
Film and Media Art 35 Authorized -3cr- Psychology-Abnormal 35 Career & Life Management CALM
Legal Studies Experimental Psych 30 General Psychology 20
Personal Psychology 20 Western World History 30 World Geography 30

Semester 2

Art 20 Art 30 Biology 20
Biology 30 Chemistry 20 Chemistry 30 - Hybrid
Sports Medicine 20 English Lang Arts 10-1 English Lang Arts 10-2
English Lang Arts 20-1 English Lang Arts 30-1 English Lang Arts 30-2
Mathematics 10C Physics 30 - Hybrid Mathematics 20-1
Mathematics 30-1 - S2 Mathematics 30-2 - S2 Physical Ed 10
Physics 20 Science 10 Science 30
Social Studies 20-1 Social Studies 20-2 Social Studies 30-1
Social Studies 30-2 Physical Ed 20 Physical Ed 30
Mathematics 31 - Hybrid Sports Medicine 30

Quarter 3

Forensic Studies 25- 3 Cr Film and Media Art 15/25 Psychology-Abnormal 35
Buying & Selling Vehicles Career & Life Management Legal Studies
Experimental Psych 30 General Psychology 20 General Sociology 20
Personal Psychology 20 Western World History 30

Quarter 4

Applied Sociology 30 Forensic Studies- 35 Cr Film and Media Art 25/35
Psychology-Abnormal 35 Career & Life Management Experimental Psych 30
General Psychology 20 Personal Psychology 20 Sport & Society
Western World History 30 World Geography 30

Class Terms

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