What technologies do we utilize?

Read&Write for Google Chrome

Assists students by: reading the material, spell check, highlight pages, text to speech, speech to text, reader reduce, and more.

Moodle LMS Review | PCMag


Learning Management System for all classes

SmarterMarks Test Taking system used buy math and science
G Suite by Google Cloud Basic - subscription license (1 year) - 1 user, 30  - RD8J84MX - Business Applications - CDW.com RVS Google Suite Robust features from Google once the student signs in with their RVS Google Email.

Screen Shot Reader Allows student to have the computer read anything on a web page easily.  Chrome Extensions
Carnegie Learning - All Digital School Carnegie Learning This resource is used for our French Classes.  Interactive french classroom.
Class Class This is a Zoom overlay - will be released March 2022
Marigold Systems Public Library System for digital access to many supports.
Turnitin Google Add on for submitting written assignments and grammar check
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