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Frequently Asked Questions of Parents and Students:

Do we have a school handbook?

Yes, click here


What can parents do to help their child with Online Learning?

Parental involvement plays a key role in the success of a virtual student (Black, 2009). According to Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler (2005), there are four behaviors that parents carry out to support their children: giving the student encouragement, reinforcing positive learning behaviors, modeling positive learning behaviors, and providing instruction when required.

Who do we contact for attendance?

For single classes, email your teacher the day before or day of.  For whole or half day, please call the office and leave a message:


Attendance Tracking

  • Download the PowerSchool Mobile App Apple Android

    • QMCD - District Code

  • Check notifications and turn on Attendance and Marks

    1. We do not use the phone call out system but rather notifications
  • Reminder - RVSOHS utilizes PS and SchoolMessenger to let parents know if a student does not attend a Zoom session. You need to be connected to either the PS App or SchoolMessenger App for notifications on attendance.


Travelling outside of Canada?

If you are travelling outside of Canada and the US, please contact us so we can change the student account.  Call the office or email before travelling.



Do we have school pictures?

No.  However, we will have Graduation Photo's.  More information to come.

Is there a Parent Council?

Yes, we will be looking for active parents in October to start an advisory group.

Will students "walk the stage" for graduation?

We will be holding an advisory group for both parent and students.  Our graduation ceremony will and can look different from traditional events.  We will work together to create an accessible event for all students.

Can a student choose to graduate with their old in-person school?

No, the graduation ceremony must reside with the school the child is enrolled in.

Can a student play sports at a school in their RVS area?

Yes, students who would like to try out for sports teams can do so by connecting with the school administration for when try outs occur.  Please connect with the school admin so that they are aware.

What happens if my child's computer breaks?

While you are repairing the computer, we have a limited supply of loaner computers.

Technology Help Line

Technology Help Desk

403 945 4083 EMAIL

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