SOS-Q Information


Dear Parent/Guardian:

For several years now, Rocky View Schools has been researching how students’ feelings about school influence student achievement. We have learned that by understanding a student’s potential disengagement with school that actions can be taken to help the student be more positive and thus more motivated to pursue his/her studies.

The Student Orientation to School Questionnaire (SOS-Q) was developed by Alberta Education as part of a broader plan to improve high school completion by assessing students’ attitudes towards school at key points in a student’s school experience. You can read more about the SOS-Q on the RVS website @

Your child’s school will be administering web-based version of the SOS-Q to students. The SOS-Q results will be used to develop insights into students’ connectivity to school and identify support strategies to reconnect students who have lost their positive connection to school or, to reinforce students who have a strong relationship with school.

Student information collected with the SOS-Q will be strictly confidential and will be protected as a student’s personal information similar to the safeguards applied to student test data. The results will be available for review with the student and parents on request. Only students whose parents have signed the authorization for the SOS-Q in September are eligible.


If you have any questions about the SOS-Q, please contact me at your convenience.



David Smith


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