Online School Supplies

For students to have the optimal success for learning online and for ease of connection we suggest the following:

  • Have a quiet space for the student to learn in each day
  • The computer must be robust enough to handle the work that child needs to accomplish. Most computers can handle the educational load, please steer away from using older iPads or tablets.
  • Depending on the option course your child has signed up for, you will be required to purchase any or all of the materials for the task. For example, if your child is taking Art they will need to purchase paper and utensils to accomplish the task.
  • Earphones, it is suggested that students use your phones if there is ambient noise around them. This will also assist with her ability to focus.
  • Camera, most computers already have a camera included
  • Anything that would aid your child as it relates to comfort while sitting, a table for work, etc.
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