Diploma Writing Information 2022- 2023

Writing Centres for Summit Trails

  • Online students write their diplomas at neighbouring schools.  All students are contacted via email, on their dates of the exams and where they are writing.
  • Writing Centre Confirmation Email - For the 2022 year, students have been communicated with and will receive another confirmation email prior to exams.
  • All students are to bring their laptop computer with Quest A+ loaded.
  • Download Quest A+ Click Here
    • If you need support please either talk to your teacher or call the Tech help desk @ 403 945 4083 during the school day.
  • If your computer is not compatible please email crinehart@rockyview.ab.ca or call the school and we will provide a computer at the writing center in Rocky View County.  We need to know if you a computer by May 19, (Semester 2).

Preparing For Exam Day

  • Bring Photo ID for entrance
    • Passports – you can take a picture on your phone, you don’t need to bring the passport in.
    • If you don’t have picture ID, we have sent your PowerSchool photo and name to each school as a back up.
    • You can used expired documentation as long as it shows your face and your name on the ID.
  • Recommended to show up 20 min prior to the exam so that you have time to sign into the school and become oriented with where you are writing.
  • Students are to bring their own laptop, fully charged and having downloaded the Quest A+ Browser plug in.
  • All other schools (Airdrie, Crossfield, Beiseker, Chestermere) will provide computers for students.
  • Be aware, outside of the computer and a calculator, NO technology is permitted.  No phones, smart watches, bags etc.  Leave the items at home or in your car.
  • Once the diploma has started, all students must stay for a least an hour.  All students have extra time to complete the exam over the allotted time.  For example: 1.5 hours to write the diploma -  student can have up to 3 hours if needed.
  • No students are permitted entry to the exam after the first hour. Do not be late!

What does the exam look like when I log in on the day?

Screenshots of what the start up looks like.


How do Accommodations Work?

Students who have an IPP and the IPP are clear that the student requires accommodations are eligible. We register the accommodation with Alberta Ed, and when the student arrives at the school where they are writing, they receive them. Some students also decline the accommodation based on their ability. Below is a list of accommodations and how we are permitted to support the student.

Reader: Students receive a digital verbal copy of the exam. An MP3 is uploaded to their computer when they arrive, or the school will provide a laptop with it preloaded. The MP3 is deleted from the computer when the child is done.

Time: Students can receive extra time to complete the exam.

Text to Speech: Students can use their computers for text to speech tools. Earbuds are not provided by the school and students must bring their own to the exam (wired earbuds/earphones).

Alternate: A student can request an alternate space. That means the student will write in a smaller setting at the school. However, all exams must be written at a school.



Not Writing An Exam?

  • If you are NOT writing your exam, please email your teacher and crinehart@rockyview.ab.ca stating why, by January 7th.
  • If you do NOT show up for the exam, you will be required to pay a writing fee the next time you register.  The fee is paid directly to Alberta Education the school has no ability to override this process.
      • you will not receive credit for your course until the Diploma is written.

Alberta Education Exam Guidelines

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