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Welcome to Summit Trails Online High School!

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We are thrilled to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Global Sports Academy and outside agencies. Your commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics aligns perfectly with our vision and values.

Summit Trails Online High School prides itself on providing a top-tier education, tailored to meet the needs of exceptional student-athletes like yourselves. One of the significant advantages of online education is the flexibility it offers, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your rigorous training schedule with your academic pursuits.

With our online learning platform, you have the freedom to customize your daily schedule according to your training commitments. Whether you have early morning practice sessions, tournaments, or competitions, you can access your coursework and learning materials anytime, anywhere. This flexibility empowers you to maintain a balanced lifestyle, effectively managing your athletic training while excelling academically.

At Summit Trails, we understand that the demands of a high-performance athlete require a personalized approach to education. Our experienced faculty and support staff are committed to working closely with you to create an individualized academic plan that accommodates your training schedule and enables you to thrive in both realms.

Moreover, our online platform offers a variety of interactive features and resources that enhance your learning experience. Engage in live virtual classrooms where you can actively participate in discussions, collaborate with your peers, and receive real-time feedback from your teachers. Access our extensive digital library and educational tools, enabling you to explore subjects at your own pace and dive deeper into areas of interest.

While online education provides flexibility in programming, it does not compromise the quality of instruction. Students have access to live courses and self-paced courses.

At Summit Trails, we believe that combining the benefits of online education with your athletic pursuits can provide a unique and enriching learning experience. You'll have the opportunity to develop invaluable skills such as time management, self-discipline, and resilience, which are essential for both academic and athletic achievements.

Getting Started

1. Register with Rocky View Schools and select Summit Trails Online School in the registration. All Albertans are welcome.

2. Pick your courses with our guidance counsellor:

3. Learn about online high school. Please watch the video's about "Our School" to get an idea of how we operate. Global Sports is your main contact in regard to answering your questions about athletics and education, and we are your school contact.  Reach out any time!

Course Equivalencies

Sports programs often have built-in courses/education for their athletes.  There may be equivalencies for Alberta Education courses.  Please send your course outlines to for assessment. When you have completed the athletic training, we will require your instructor to email us that you completed the course successfully.

PE Credits/Sports Performance

Some sports programs will cover the PE requirements.  For program evaluation, please send what training is involved to, requesting PE credits  This will be forwarded to our Athletic Teacher.

Documents required:

  • Document or link from the academy explicitly outlining what training is involved.
  • Document or link from the academy explicitly outlining the skills being taught.
  • Confirmation of enrolment to the program (receipt or email confirming participation)

There is no guarantee of credits awarded. The more information you send with your request, the more likely we will be able to award you. You will receive confirmation or denial of the credits by email.

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.